Hey there, I’m Manuel

I was born and raised in Argentina, where at an early age I began to take portraits of my friends. Not only because I enjoyed being with them, but because it seemed, and seems, important to capture the essence of those moments in life.

Portrait photography to me is the search of the union between people, where model, photographer and spectator, where we approach the point where we all let our guard down, and we allow ourselves to be seen without filters.

I love working with people and as a team, where we all aim at the same goal, which is to create something aesthetically beautiful and emotionally close.

I mainly shoot on film because the format allows me to build, in a good pace, that connection that I seek every time I take portraits. But besides that, I work with other formats as well as digital or instant, even cellphones. Each project ask for a specific platform to be shot on.

Currently, I live in Berlin, where I really enjoy going for a walk around the city with my camera in search of new places and new characters. I am interested in people, but also the trail they leave behind, those objects that were something moments ago and that moments later will be something else.